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News To Know: Keeping Baby Safe
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As if we parents donít have enough to worry about with the safety of our children. It seems as if every other day they are coming up with a new recall for something for our children whether itís car seats, formula, toys, etc. Itís hard to stay ahead of everything and make sure you are purchasing the safest products for your child.

The one place your child, especially as a baby, spends the majority of their time is the crib. It is required now that all four sides of a crib must be fixed and immobile. The buying and manufacturing of drop-side cribs is completely restricted at this time. You can still use one if you have one; however, itís cautioned by safety regulators to make sure to check the crib often for loose or broken parts.

Drop-side cribs have been at fault for over 30 infant deaths, in which the crib slats became moveable and created a gap between the mattress and the crib side, thus causing babies to become caught or trapped. The hardware on cribs have also resulted in the death of infants because they were defective. This has resulted in a large number of cribs (over 11 million) being recalled as they have been believed to be dangerous.

Itís against the law at this time to sell or donate the drop-sided cribs or any crib for that matter, that doesnít meet the new safety regulations. Providers, Hotels, and any company that rents or lends out cribs of any kind have until the end of 2012 to get rid of them.

Drop-sided cribs that are currently being sold in stores are not being recalled, although with these new regulations most manufacturers are pulling the cribs off the floor. We are fortunate with the media and internet today that we can be educated on all of these recalls by just a click to make sure we are doing what is best for our children. Make sure to check your cribs (even those not on the recall) to make certain that they fit the safety regulations for your child.

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By Anne
Anne has been with since 2004 and came to us already knowledgeable about social stationery after previous employment with a wholesale printing firm.
Anne is mom to two young children who keep her busy and dreaming of sleep. But she wouldn't have it any other way!


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