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What Pieces Make Up A Baby’s Stationery Trousseau?
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When baby is on the way, you may be so caught up in choosing colors for the nursery and doing research on the safest car seats on the market to think much about the baby’s stationery trousseau. But having this all thought out and purchasing it at the same time you decide upon the birth announcements will ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to coordinate the appearance of all your baby’s stationery needs.

Choosing a birth announcement should be a fun and special project during which the couple can integrate their own personalities and the hopes they have for their newborn into the colors and design. Will it be a photo announcement, showing off that beautiful face to all the distant friends and relatives from whom this will be the first glance? Or a sports-themed announcement in the colors of Mom and Dad’s favorite team? Maybe even a special character that the baby’s room will be decorated in, or something meaningful to the family relationship.

Whatever is chosen, it’s always a good idea to think ahead about matching informal note cards or thank you notes for the multitudes of gifts that will be lavished upon the precious little one. Many birth announcement styles have available matching accessory cards which can be printed with the words "Thank You" in a matching typestyle and ink color to the original announcement or personalized with baby’s name (making it an informal note which can be used well into the future as thank you notes for 1st birthday gifts or quick invitations for a play date).

Will baby be baptized or have a baby-naming ceremony or bris to which family will be invited? Having a matching invitation set for this occasion will coordinate all of your occasions.

At the same time, consider mommy or baby calling cards for all those occasions you’ll meet up with other parents at the park and want to arrange another opportunity to get together. A calling card is an old-fashioned concept, made relevant again in the modern world with the addition of your name and email address or mobile number. You’ll really appreciate having these stashed in your pocket next time you meet a friendly parent/child combo at the park and avoid the hunt in the pockets and diaper bag for a pen and scrap of paper to take down the contact information of your new friends.

Set up your new family member with all the proper stationery and inspire a love of correspondence that you’ll be sure to benefit from years down the road!

By Joyce Buczek

Joyce Buczek was the founder and original owner of in 1999. She continues working with as a consultant and guest blogger. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family, including 2 spoiled cats.


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