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Top Bar & Bat Mitzvah Themes
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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs can range from simple ceremonies followed by a kiddush luncheon at the synagogue to all-out Hollywood-style celebrations. After all the hard work the Bar or Bat Mitzvah has put into this rite of passage, and in many cases a mitzvah project, it’s understandable to want to celebrate their accomplishment with family and friends.

Planning a party is almost always easier from start to finish if you have a "theme" which creates a framework within which to work and keeps your planning from running off the rails. Ultimately, the final theme decision should be up to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but often they are so busy working on their studies and projects that they don’t have time to brainstorm ideas and it’s up to mom or dad to offer up themes their child might find appealing. If you’re lost on this account, here’s a list of top Bar & Bat Mitzvah themes to get you started:

Perhaps the easiest theme to incorporate into your celebration is one which stems from a hobby or activity your child is involved in. For this very reason, sports are a long-running popular theme for celebrations. This theme is easy to incorporate into the decor, food, invitations and favors!

credits: Cupcakes - Martha Stewart; Soccer Invitation:; Candy Vendor Image: Celebrations At Home; favor balls:

While a sports theme may appeal to both genders, some Bat Mitzvahs may prefer a more "girlie" theme and they’re in luck with the recent popularity of the Candyland (or just generally Candy) Bat Mitzvah theme. This has become very popular of late and is a very easy and fun theme to carry through your party. The image below should give you some inspiration.

credits: Invitation:; PlaceCards - Your Party By Karen; "Cake" and Candy container place cards:; Room Decor:; Candy Topiary:

If that’s just a little too sweet, perhaps your girl would prefer a walk on the wild side with a Hippie-Chic Bat Mitzvah replete with tie dye and peace symbols in bright colors.

credits: - Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah Invitation:; Peace-ful Lounge Seating: Mitzvah Market; Peace Symbol Balloon Sculpture: Jessica Claire Photography; Candy Bar Wrapper: Bunny Prints; Sweets to Dye For sign: Celebrations; Tie-Dye Gown: Morilee; Tie-Dye Yarmulke: Mazel Tops

Boys and girls alike may really enjoy a technology-themed party. We’re calling it "Geek Chic" and we found some really fun ideas, such as the great smart-phone place cards complete with the guests’ own avatars!

credits: iPhone Place Cards- OffBeatBride; TXT Message Save The Date Cards:; Facebook Archway -; iPodCake- CakesDuSoleil; "Connect" Yarmulkes:

If your son or daughter has a flair for the dramatic, a Hollywood-themed celebration may be perfect for them! This is a very easy theme to work through since large ticket items are readily available on the rental market for Oscar Nights and proms. Don’t forget the props for your photo booth!

credits: Red Carpet Invitation:; Film Reel Cake: Cake Central; "Now Showing" Banner: Stumps Party; Statuette, Walk of Fame Star: Hollywood Mega Store; All Other Photobooth Props, Clapboard Place Cards: Shindigz

On the other hand, many a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is held preceding a pilgrimage to the holy land, or the family simply prefers to keep the focus on the religious nature of the occasion, and an Israel theme is so appropriate. The theme may be carried out as simply as incorporating the colors of the flag or as elaborately as a designer cake and invitations sourced from Israel.

credits: Venue: Evoke via MitzvahMarket; Custom-created Tallit: Tallits By Sharon; City of Joy Bar Mitzvah Invitation, created in Israel, available from; Jerusalem-design Cake

However you choose to celebrate, make your event more meaningful by including touches of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s personality and include a nod to family tradition and it will be fabulous.
Mazel tov!

By Joyce Buczek

Joyce Buczek was the founder and original owner of in 1999. She continues working with as a consultant and guest blogger. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family, including 2 spoiled cats.


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