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The Best Baby Gifts
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At this point, I am a "seasoned" mom of two busy boys, ages seven and nine. Most of my friends are in the same boat with their kids, averaging the age of nine and they themselves, approaching the big 40. We have savored the first steps, words and days of school. We have survived the sleeping battles, food aversions and ER visits. Two from this "seasoned" group are preparing themselves for baby number three. These new little ones will be arriving into families with older, welcoming and very excited siblings and parents. It’s been fun to watch the plans for these babies evolve, almost like a fly on the wall. I have come to the conclusion, that it’s like starting all over again when you have a baby seven or eight years after the last. So, as friends, what do we do? We throw these "new" moms a large baby shower.

In the process of planning this shower, ordering the perfect baby shower invitations and buying baby gifts, I have really given great thought to my own showers and the gifts we received. We adored each gift from our showers. The collectable items are cherished. The perfect, tiny clothes were worn and the pictures were taken. But, there were a handful of items that we received, that truly were the perfect gift. They were perfect because I used them when my guys were babies and am still getting use out of them today. I loved them because they were versatile and practical.

The first notable and most used gift that is still being used today is the convertible car seat. It’s made the journey through rear-facing to front-facing and then into the booster seat. It’s safely met our needs and is now ending its time in our family as my youngest no longer needs it. It served us well. While perusing the baby aisles recently, I have noticed the options for car seats are much different nowadays. The traits I appreciated most in mine were safety, the removable lining so I could wash it and the ease of getting in and out of the car.

The food scissors. My best friend gave me a really expensive pair of culinary scissors at my baby shower. I’ll admit this was not my most exciting gift. She must have noticed this by the look on my face when I opened it because she quickly added, “Trust me, you will use them all the time and thank me for them later”. I graciously accepted the gift and her words of wisdom; after all, she was two kids ahead of me at that point. Sure enough, I fell in love with my scissors and have used them every day since. I have cut vegetables, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pasta, you name it, I have cut it! They are the perfect way to quickly cut your child’s food into the perfect bite, one handed! With a baby on your hip, it’s important to be able to accomplish the simple tasks with one hand. I get carried away with them and really, my kids should now be doing their own cutting. But they will always be in my utensil drawer.

The fleece blanket. I received one for each of my kids when they were born. Both blankets were hand-cut and the edges stitched. They are large enough for an adult to use, but not too big for a toddler and young child. My boys still use their blankets to date. These blankets are soft, warm, can be washed weekly and still look like new.

Another favorite is the hooded towel. The small, infant sized ones are great for newborns. But the ones I fell in love with were the larger, terry cloth versions. Ours were personalized, with names on the hoods. They were part of our nighttime bath ritual when my kids were younger; we now use them at the pool and when out on the boat.

Through the years, I have that found that the versatile options for kids are many times the best answer. When shopping for the perfect baby gift, remember that the cute and cuddly gifts are treasured, but sometimes the best gifts are the most practical ones.

By Michaela
Michaela has been with since 2003, showing off her customer service skills to a variety of stationery consumers.
Michaela is mom to two active pre-teens and spends her free time bike riding, boating, hiking and enjoying family time.


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