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Bridal Shower Games
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Bridal shower invitations are usually sent to the dearest girlfriends and family of the bride. However, if you have a bunch of women who all know the bride but don’t know each other, things can get tricky. Bridal shower games are a great way to break the ice and really get the party going. If you are having a theme bridal shower finding games to fit the theme can be especially challenging. However, here are some bridal shower games that can be adapted to any theme and can help make your shower fun and not a fragmented party.

1. Who Knows The Bride Best?
Have pre-printed paper with different questions about the bride, etc.
What is the bride's favorite color?
What does the bride plan to name her first child?
What size does she wear?
Pass the paper out to the guests and set a time limit. Whoever gets the most correct is the winner.

2. Take it off!
Give every guest a paper bag, and have them put it over their head. The host then tells everyone to remove one article, (watch, shoe, jewelry, etc.). The smart ones will just remove the bag, while less fortunate ones keep removing clothes 'till the last one realizes everyone is watching her strip.

3. The Apron Game!
Buy an apron and have the bridal party buy lots of utensils to pin on the apron. Make them practical and a couple of things they would never think of buying until they need them. Pin all of the items on the apron. Have the bride wear the apron in front of all of the guests. Have her walk around the room for about 2 minutes. Then have the bride go into another room and have the guests try to list as many things as they can remember seeing pinned to the brides apron. The person with the most wins! Then tell the bride she gets to keep the apron.

4. Toilet Paper Bride
Each table receives a roll of toilet paper. Ask the members of each table to choose a guest to be the "bride". Then tell the guests they must use the toilet paper, and ONLY the toilet paper to give their "bride" a dress. The real bride then chooses the table with the prettiest dress, and the winning bride gets a prize.

5. A Peek Into The Mind Of The Groom
This is my all-time favorite thing to do at any bridal shower that I’ve ever had. What you do is interview the groom (privately and hopefully without letting on that they are being taped). I typically ask around 15-20 questions about their relationship leading up to their engagement (Please see below for some examples of questions) Then on the day of the shower, I typically bring everyone into the TV room where I play a video where I ask them a question and pause the video to get the bride’s response. In some cases they may guess correctly on the answer the groom has given and in MANY cases they are very wrong! It’s a very personal way to really bring all the guests into the life of the newly engaged couple! There are a lot of laughs, an occasional naughty word, and typically ending with some tears. At the very end of the video I always leave it open for the groom to share some words to the bride and it’s almost always sure to be a tear-jerker and a great way to see some laughs and some happy tears!
Examples of some questions:
1. Where was your first date?
2. What is (the bride’s) favorite food?
3. If there was one thing you would want (the bride) to get rid of what would it be?
4. What is (bride’s name) best feature?
5. Where was your first kiss?

Hopefully this gives you some fun ideas to use at a bridal shower to bring everyone together and to break the ice!

By Anne
Anne has been with since 2004 and came to us already knowledgeable about social stationery after previous employment with a wholesale printing firm.
Anne is mom to two young children who keep her busy and dreaming of sleep. But she wouldn't have it any other way!


Name: Cara
Location: Ft. Worth, TX
Location: Thanks for the ideas! Your timing couldn't be better. I have a bridal shower I'm responsible for in a few months and had no idea where to start. Never seen these games and I know they'll have everybody enjoying themselves.

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