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Making the most of your budget - Tips for saving $$ on your Invitations
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Last week, Jeanne shared with us some tips for planning and hosting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration on a budget. Today we’ll take a closer look at an aspect of the celebration with which we’re quite familiar: Your Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations!

For the most budget-friendly Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations, consider choosing a basic invitation and dressing it up with stock Jewish designs, vibrant ink color and combination fonts. You’ll find options available for other events, such as Wedding Invitations, are often lower-priced alternatives that can be customized with your wording and will suit your needs just as well.

If, on the other hand, you have fallen in love with a high-end layered invitation but adding in the price of accessory cards puts it out of your range, inquire about using non-layered reception and response cards. Often, a single layer accessory card of the same paper as the top layer of the invitation will be available at a lower price point than what is considered standard. Your ensemble will still coordinate and none of your guests will be the wiser. Alternatively, inquire about response postcards in matching paper. They are, in some cases, less expensive, and the postage for return is definitely lower.

We often receive requests for two response sets- one for the guests who are invited to the main events, and another for guests who are invited to all of the main events, plus additional events such as a teen party Saturday evening or a brunch on Sunday morning for out of town guests. Two sets of response cards can really add up. Consider, instead, having one set of response cards printed simply with “The favor of a reply is requested by (date)” and leaving space for a hand-written note by the guests, as is traditional. Or consider using a reception card (no envelopes, slightly lower price) directing your guests to reply online at your event website or by phone. This not only saves the second set of cards and envelopes but also saves you the return postage for guests mailing the responses back to you.

Finally, don’t forget the thank you notes! You will need these after the event and it’s tempting to put off ordering them until later. However, doing so will only increase your costs as you will pay separate shipping fees for a second order. We suggest ordering Informal Notes with the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s name printed on front. That way, if you order too many, as opposed to Thank You notes, they can be used for other personal correspondence at any time.

By Joyce Buczek

Joyce Buczek was the founder and original owner of in 1999. She continues working with as a consultant and guest blogger. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family, including 2 spoiled cats.


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