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Trend Alert: Destination Bar Mitzvah
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A new approach to celebrating one's Bar or Bat Mitzvah is becoming increasingly popular with families in the Jewish community. Rather than spending $20,000 or more on bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, more families are booking vacations for a portion of the price. Instead of stressing over party details, once in a lifetime memories are being created and shared with one another.

Such celebrations are creating a niche industry for travel agencies. Families are choosing any number of locations for their celebrations. Destinations such as U.S. Virgin Islands, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Italy are popular choices, as are full-week cruises. Travel agents are able to book everything from the travel details to arranging for a rabbi to perform the ceremony to the cocktail hour that may follow.

Some credit the fact that more Jews are not closely connected with their local temples and an increase in mixed-faith marriages for the new trend. Additionally, families are often separated by great distances, so the mitzvah celebration can serve as a family reunion.

Not everyone is embracing the new trend. Some see the departure from traditional celebrations as an obstacle for Judaism because it removes the child from their local Jewish community and that is the bond that keeps the religion united.

However, parents are looking for alternatives, especially in this day of one-upmanship. Some of today's mitzvahs incorporate extravagant themes and often vie with weddings in terms of preparation and cost.

We'd like to get your input on this controversial topic. Would you abandon the traditional bar mitzvah experience which includes everything from invitations to entertainment in order to take a unique trip that would surely cultivate special memories?

By Jeanne Woodyard

Jeanne has worked in the printing industry for nearly 30 years and became the new owner of on January 1, 2012.
When not working with our customers, Jeanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, RVing with her husband and spoiling her two kitties.


Name: Rabbi Steve Spiegel
Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Location: I love the idea of a Destination Bar or Bat Mitzvah, not only for a 13 year old but also for an adult who never had the opportunity as a youngster or who did but would like to "renew" that experience. Soon we will begin to make Riviera Maya (The East Coast of Mexico) the place to come for your destination event and will offer not only fabulous resorts at substantial savings but also teaching via Skype and other electronic resources. We will offer a complete package. The idea of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah spending time (more than 2 hours) with those closest to them to celebrate their Jewish coming of age is wonderful.

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