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Pineapple Fields Forever
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High School Graduation is always an exciting time for students. One chapter of life finishes, while another adventure-filled chapter begins. The possibilities are endless, the future seems exciting and new, and the world, ready to explore. Yes, for graduates, this can be a wonderful time, but for parents, well at least for me, it can be a bit sad. Sure, this is the moment we've planned for, one we knew would arrive someday, but now that it is quickly approaching, I long for the days when my precious little girl insisted on wearing her fanciest dresses to ride the tricycles at pre- school, play in the sandbox, or paint her latest work of art.

Our daughter, Kaelana, was only 3 months old when my husband and I decided we should pack things up and move our young family to Maui. Her first two years were spent on the beach, playing with her older brother, or on our backs hiking to waterfalls, or through jungles and rainforests. Almost daily, I would take the children on long walks in their stroller taking short cuts through pineapple fields. We were young, they were young, and life seemed to move along so slowly. People often tell parents of young children to enjoy the time, because it passes so quickly. I guess I never believed them. Life with little ones is always busy, and can be downright hectic, so it is easy to lose track of time. Before you know it, that long road ahead, well, you're nearing the end of it and the fork in the road is quickly approaching.

So here we are, at this fork in the road wondering which direction we should take. Our graduate, she will choose her road, and we ours, and our paths will always continue to cross along the way. Graduation plans have begun and before we know it she will be walking across that stage, beaming ear to ear. Family and friends will be there to witness her passage. They will see a beautiful young woman in her gold cap and gown, but me, I will see my diaper- wearing-toddler waddling through that Maui pineapple field.

By Natasha
Natasha has been with assisting stationery consumers with finding the invitation or announcement of their dreams since 2003.
When not working with our customers, Natasha enjoys traveling all the corners of the globe and moonlighting as an event planner with her friend and colleague.


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