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Grads: You have options!
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Chances are, if you’re in the Class of 2012, you’re being asked to make a decision about your graduation announcements right about now.

Likely, you were pulled out away from class to attend a mandatory presentation about class rings, senior apparel, memory books and graduation announcements and then were sent home with a bulky folder with glossy inserts extolling the virtues of every "must-have" item the major supplier contracted with your school is offering for you to buy.

Given the way these presentations are handled, you might feel pressured into making your decision quickly for fear of missing the ordering deadline, then you’d have to graduate without all the pomp and circumstance because you’d be left with no announcements to send to your extended family. How can you reap the benefits of a hard-earned education (namely, congratulatory cards containing handsome checks from Aunt Carol and Grandpa Frank) without the benefit of a graduation announcement to send out?! You might just be in near panic over the thought! That seems to be the goal of the graduation suppliers to the schools. They work hard for their contracts and they’re going to do their best to make you feel as if you have no choice and no time to even think about alternatives.

But the truth is, you DO have options. You don’t have to accept that one, boring, or in many cases even UGLY, graduation announcement that is offered by the slick presenter who took you away from your real purpose for attending school that day - to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to pass that final exam coming up very soon!, the leader in attractive, high quality and affordable options for graduation announcements for years is offering over 125 unique graduation announcements for you to choose from in 2012.

And what’s better? You don’t have to make a rush decision! Announcements can be ordered now, while selection is at its best, or you can wait until closer to your graduation date. Announcement orders are generally delivered within two weeks, which means you can wait until your Senior Portraits are finished and include them on one of our contemporary Photo Graduation Announcements for a card Grandma Jane will treasure!

Worried you’ll miss out on the cool selection of memory books and senior year apparel? No worries, we’ve got that, too!

Visit our Graduation site today!

By Joyce Buczek

Joyce Buczek was the founder and original owner of in 1999. She continues working with as a consultant and guest blogger. In her spare time, Joyce enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family, including 2 spoiled cats.


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