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Have you ever wondered why some wedding invitations are printed with “honour” and others with “honor”?

There is quick answer to that question. Both of the spellings are correct and it really is a matter of personal preference. But here are some guidelines to assist you with your decision.

“Honour” is actually the English spelling and, in many cases, considered the more formal option.

Traditionally, “Honour” is used when your ceremony will be held in a place of worship, like a church or synagogue. So what does this mean? Well, if you are getting married in a place of worship or on sanctified ground, it’s acceptable to use “honour” or “honor”. If you are planning a garden ceremony at your home, or destination wedding, you will want to consider “request the pleasure of your company” on the wedding invitation.

What about “favor” and “favour” for your response cards? Again, “favour” is the English spelling and the more formal option. If you opt to use “honour” for your invitation wording, then it’s best to stay consistent and use “favour” on your response cards. For example, let’s say “request the honour of your presence” is going to be printed on your wedding invitations. For consistency, you would then want to consider going with “The favour of a reply is requested….” on your response cards.

By Michaela
Michaela has been with since 2003, showing off her customer service skills to a variety of stationery consumers.
Michaela is mom to two active pre-teens and spends her free time bike riding, boating, hiking and enjoying family time.


Name: Wayne Wright
Location: Florence, AL 35630
Location: Michaela: Good job, my call my hand on honor and honour were both used in a e-mail, at wasn't by me, so I looked them up, just to see. both were right. Thank you.

Name: Jennifer
Location: Guam
Location: Would it be honor or honour if the wedding is to take place in a church and it is also a destination wedding. Would this be appropriate..........request the honour of your presence.

Name: Jeanne
Location: Hi Jennifer, That's a great question...if you are getting married in a church, then you would use "honour." Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we wish you much happiness on your special day!

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