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We have had several big moves in just the last few years. Big, across-the-country moves.

My husband and I split the moving responsibilities quite well. I am in charge of packing most household items; he tackles anything electronic and handles the logical parts of the move. I have packed and unpacked our possessions more than I care to admit lately.

But, I do try to look for the positives in most things. And with moving, for me, itís getting rid of things we no longer need or love. That means our possessions fit into categories. A necessity and a treasure. A necessity equals something we have touched, used or looked at fondly within the last 12 months. This is an easy, clear rule for me to follow. The treasures, well thatís not so easy. What I treasured five years ago, might not make the cut these days. But there are two boxes, that always make the cut and always will. I have two boys, ages six and nine. Each box contains dear mementos of the day they were born and each significant milestone thereafter and perhaps a few milestones that only their mom and dad can appreciate. These boxes are packed and labeled with special care. They ride in the part of the moving truck we refer to as ďmust haveĒ, next to the flat screen TVís, china and crystal. At the end of the move, they are the two boxes I couldnít stand to lose.

At the top of each box is a framed birth announcement. As I unpack, those items are removed first and placed on my boysí bedroom walls. My first sonís birth announcement was professionally matted, framed and on the nursery wall within weeks of his birth. My second son was born in May two years later, and like most second-born children, things didnít happen as quickly. I was lucky to get the announcements mailed before our Christmas cards. The frame was from Target this time, not the overpriced frame shop. Our second sonís announcement was treasured every bit as much as our first sonís, but my time was stretched thin, like most new moms.

Both announcements and baptism invitations were on display in each nursery. Then the boys became toddlers and the race car and boat beds replaced the cribs. It didnít matter to me that they didnít match the new sports or nautical themes, the framed treasures made the remodeling ďcutĒ.

Then the toddler years ended and my rough and tumble boys emerged. Chore and growth charts took up wall space, the guinea pig came and went, but the framed announcements remained. I think at that point, I thought the boys would look at the announcements, read them and be reminded that their births were among the best moments of our lives. Silly me, like they didnít already know they were the center of our worlds.

Now, my oldest is in third grade, the youngest in first. Their walls are covered with airplane pictures, sports figures and my favorite (not really), the shiny red Corvette poster. Just the car, not the super model draped over it.

I do know the framed highlights of my life remain on the wall as a favor to me. My older son probably knows that if he asks to take it down and replace with a poster of the St. Louis Cardinals, he would make me sad. He would be risking me rambling on about the day he was born. He is the more sensitive of the two. My younger son might not ask, but just move it into a drawer one of these days and hope I wouldnít notice.

After all, they are getting older and their rooms should represent their own character and passions. So, itís time for another move. Just the announcements this time, not the entire family and house. Not to a box, but perhaps to my office. I am even thinking of the master bathroom, next to my sink. Maybe the armoire in our bedroom. They have to be somewhere in the house, somewhere for me to see them Ė the framed birth announcements are non-negotiable treasures and will always make the ďcutĒ.

By Michaela
Michaela has been with since 2003, showing off her customer service skills to a variety of stationery consumers.
Michaela is mom to two active pre-teens and spends her free time bike riding, boating, hiking and enjoying family time.


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