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Our newest album, LíChaim, features 32 new Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah invitations from Checkerboard. We are so sure youíll love the stellar styles and quality materials that we are offering free proofs and free shipping with the code CBFREE. Now thatís a deal :). To learn more about the invitations featured in this collection, read this post, watch our feature video, or shop our new Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah invitations today.

Desert Rose Bat Mitzvah Invitation
The Desert Rose Bat Mitzvah Invitation is rustic, dainty, and glamorous rolled into one perfect invitation! Genuine wood stock, large floral foil stamped motifs, a unique square shape, and bold text features make this invitation sing.

Kinetic Energy Bar Mitzvah Invitation
The Kinetic Energy Bar Mitzvah Invitation is full of just that --- energy! Bright White card stock and an intricate Jet Black laser die-cut jacket leave a lasting impression. Customize this invitation with your choice of ink colors, lettering style, your Bar Mitzvahís name, and the details for your celebration.

Aria Bat Mitzvah Invitation
An invitation with simple elegance, the Aria Bat Mitzvah Invitation in Champagne Shimmer wows with subtle details. Rounded corners and an elegant white foil stamped flourish motif create the perfect invitation for your Bat Mitzvah who loves all things pretty and sweet.

Flux Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Combine the dramatic with gentle vibes when you choose the Flux Bar Mitzvah Invitation. Dramatic Jet Black card stock decorated with a gently flowing Matte Silver line pattern effortlessly showcases your Bar Mitzvah and wows guests.

Aquarelle Bat Mitzvah Invitation
Elegant, soft, and pretty --- if these three words describe your Bat Mitzvah, the Aquarelle Bat Mitzvah Invitation is the perfect choice for you. Bright White card stock is dolled up with two floral watercolor designs in shades of pink and lavender laced with touches of aqua. An artful wording arrangement puts the finishing touches on this work of art.

Carved Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Naturalists swoon over the Carved Bar Mitzvah Invitation. Genuine Wood stock decorated with a stately 3-initial monogram and personalized details creates a handsome display thatís perfect for spring and summer celebrations.

Pop Flower Bat Mitzvah Invitation
A pop of color and style create a joyful design in this contemporary Bat Mitzvah Invitation. Bright floral motifs, artfully arranged wording details, and thoughtful design accents make this invitation truly dazzle.

Fulcrum Bar Mitzvah Invitation
The Fulcrum Bar Mitzvah Invitation features your Bar Mitzvah with a stylish monogram and shimmery finish. This display features Moonrock Shimmer and Grenadine Red, but other color options are available for customization.

Paper Lace Bat Mitzvah Invitation
The Paper Lace Bat Mitzvah Invitation is the perfect choice for ultra feminine Bat Mitzvahs. This dainty invitation features beautiful purples, rounded corners, a large floral motif, and your Bat Mitzvahís decorative name topped off with a genuine Swarovski crystal.

More Stylish and Affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations
If you love this small sample from our new LíChaim Checkerboard collection, browse our entire collection of 32 new Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah invitations! You can also watch our feature video to see all of our beautiful invitations.

Once you find one you like, remember to use the promo code CBFREE for free proofs AND free shipping. Canít get much better than that :).

By Abby Teunissen
Abby is passionate about embracing diversity, fostering learning, and supporting rural communities. She lives with her husband and daughter on a grain and cattle farm near a small town in Northwest Iowa. When sheís not whipping up blog posts or plugging away on other digital marketing projects, Abby enjoys spending quality time with her family, tending to her garden while soaking up all the Vitamin D she can get, helping her husband around the farm, and patiently awaiting her long overdue letter from Hogwarts.


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