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Teen Traditions Tuesday - Plan a Mardi Gras- Themed Quinceañera!
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Mardi Gras is a celebration known throughout the world. It is a season of parades, balls, parties and fun! Traditionally the carnival season begins before Lent and ends on Ash Wednesday, but a Mardi Gras themed Quinceañera celebration can be enjoyed any time of year!

A masked costume party can be a mysterious and fun event for the Quinceañera and guests alike. Set the tone by sending Mardi Gras-themed Quinceañera Invitations in the shape of masks, or in traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold and green.

For an elegant affair, guests may dress in traditional ball gowns and evening attire, coupled with a masquerade mask.

Décor can be as simple as themed-colored table linens, feathers and flowers. Of course, a Mardi Gras celebration would not be complete without beads! Be sure there are plenty on hand for guests to wear. This can be a game where the guest wearing the most beads at the end of the party is declared the winner, or simply as favors for the guests to take home.

A Mardi Gras themed Quinceañera is sure to be lots of fun and will leave your guests talking, perhaps even asking… "Who was that masked mujer maravillosa?"

By Natasha
Natasha has been with assisting stationery consumers with finding the invitation or announcement of their dreams since 2003.
When not working with our customers, Natasha enjoys traveling all the corners of the globe and moonlighting as an event planner with her friend and colleague.


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