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Question: When Is An Emergency Not An Emergency?
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The day of your Quinceañera is approaching very quickly. The invitations have been mailed and all of the final details are being attended to. But have you considered putting together an emergency kit for your special day? Planning ahead can alleviate any stress you might encounter if you experience the unexpected. We've put together a list of commonly needed items to assist you in assembling your emergency kit.

Band-Aids – Chances are that you are going to have a blister or two if you choose to wear high heels.

Breath mints – You'll be up close to many well-wishers and fresh breath will make you feel confident and at ease.

Cash – Bring a small amount of cash with you for the unexpected.

Cell phone – Make sure your phone is charged, but you don't want to use it on your special day except in the case of an emergency.

Clear nail polish – Use this to fix a run in your panty hose.

Compact mirror – To assist you with minor touch-ups to your makeup. Be sure to bring along your lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, and face powder.

Hairpins and Hair Spray – If it's a windy day, you'll need this to help keep your hair in place.

Pain reliever – Hopefully you won't get a headache that day, but someone that's in your court may get one.

Pantyhose – Bring an extra pair just in case you get a run that can't be fixed!

Safety pins – These are definitely a must. These will come in handy if the unexpected should occur.

Super glue – If you have acrylic nails, this will help if one should come off.

Tampons – Even if you don't need them, someone in your court might.

Hopefully your Quince Años celebration will go off without a hitch. However, it's nice to be prepared for the unexpected so you can relax and enjoy your day!

By Jeanne Woodyard

Jeanne has worked in the printing industry for nearly 30 years and became the new owner of on January 1, 2012.
When not working with our customers, Jeanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, RVing with her husband and spoiling her two kitties.


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