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No More Tedious Fundraising!
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Are you the representative for a graduating class at a college, university, high school, or home school group? Would you be interested in a fundraising program that not only provides your graduates with beautiful and affordable graduation announcements, but an opportunity to fundraise for your organization or school? We at have a perfect program for you!

The concept for the fundraiser is that the school chooses one announcement with uniform wording for every student to use. You as the school representative, or whomever you wish, pick the announcement you want to use and submit the wording to be printed on the announcements, which will all be alike.

We will then set up a special ordering website specifically for your school. Each student orders their set of announcements (which will be printed with the wording the school designated) and one set of name cards and/or other items from the accessories available, if the student wishes to order those items. All fundraising profit for the school comes from combining orders from all students. For example: 20 students each choose to order 25 announcements. Each student pays $133 for their 25 announcements (paid directly to the school). The school then pays us for a single order of 500 announcements (20 orders times 25 announcements each). The school would collect $2660 from the students and send us $629 (the cost of a single order of 500 in this example) plus shipping, colored ink and proof costs. This is just an example based on an actual announcement available at the time this was written.

Any additional items that the student orders such as name cards, memory books, portfolios, etc., do not incur profit for the school, as there is no savings from bulking orders for those items. The student pays the school the amount indicated when they order through the website and the school pays us that same amount. For example: a student orders 50 name cards along with their announcements for $17. The school would collect $17 from the student as part of their individual order total and include the full $17 in the school’s payment to us.

We provide the school representative with printouts of the order items for each student and that student's total that they need to pay the school, and we accept a single payment from the school. The order is sent in one shipment to the school representative, who would then divide it up and distribute to the students.

You can see that there’s some great money to be made for your school as well as offering quality products to the graduates.

By Caron
Caron has been assisting customers to announce and invite guests to their important life events since 2000.
In her hours away from, Caron enjoys relaxing at home with her two children and two cats and spending time with friends.


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