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Celebrating 16!
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Turning Sweet Sixteen and celebrating with a festive party is a quintessential rite of passage for many girls. It’s an important time in a young woman’s life, when she is leaving behind her childhood and embarking on young adulthood. Not surprisingly, there are many fun and meaningful traditions in America that are associated with this special time. Here are a couple of them.

One special tradition is the candle-lighting ceremony. The young woman has 16 or 17 candles on her birthday cake and each candle represents a special person in her life. The first one is lit by her parents and the second one is lit by a brother, sister or grandparent. Four more are lit by additional members of her family and candles seven through fourteen are lit by special and important friends of hers. Her best friend lights the fifteenth candle, and the sixteenth is lit by a special boy in her life. Optional candle number seventeen is lit by the young woman for good luck.

Another great tradition is the shoe-changing ceremony. This was originally popular in the Hispanic culture for a 15-year-old girl’s quinceanera and has become a part of many Sweet Sixteen celebrations as well. The birthday girl traditionally wears flat-heeled shoes to her party and at a point in the celebration, she sits in the middle of the room. Her father, or sometimes her grandfather, removes her flat shoes for a pair of high-heeled shoes, symbolizing her transition, or walk, into womanhood.

Adding one or more of these poignant ceremonies into the celebration can make the affair even more special and memorable for everyone involved, especially the honoree.

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By Caron
Caron has been assisting customers to announce and invite guests to their important life events since 2000.
In her hours away from, Caron enjoys relaxing at home with her two children and two cats and spending time with friends.


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