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A Visit With Sheri Lapidus
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Earlier this month, Joyce and I traveled to New York City to attend the National Stationery Show. While there, we were very fortunate to meet with public relations expert Sheri Lapidus. She's the founder of Mitzvah Market and is the go-to person when you need advice and ideas for planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

We asked Sheri to share with us what the popular themes are that she is seeing in the world of Bar Mitzvahs. She advised us that the trend is not to have a specific theme. Instead, the entire Bar Mitzvah event is being centered on color schemes. The child will indicate his or her favorite color, and then coordinating invitations, decorations, and favors are selected.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah entrance videos are quite popular, and guests love watching these one-of-a-kind productions. Sheri stated: "Kids love them because it’s their way of adding a customized personal touch and in some cases these mini movies can involve family and friends! For many kids, it’s a way to showcase their personality, talents and show-off their acting skills." You can watch some great entrance videos at MitzvahMarket.Com

Sheri is also seeing lots of great ideas being incorporated into lounge areas, both for kids and adults. Sleek lounge furniture, over-sized pillows and dim lighting are a hit for the kids' lounge area, while the adult lounges can be designed with mom and dad in mind.

We've worked with Sheri in the past to promote our invitations, but it was such a treat to meet her in person. Be sure to check out Sheri's informative website at for more great ideas for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.

By Jeanne Woodyard

Jeanne has worked in the printing industry for nearly 30 years and became the new owner of on January 1, 2012.
When not working with our customers, Jeanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, RVing with her husband and spoiling her two kitties.


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