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This week, Joyce and I traveled to New York City to attend the National Stationery Show in search of new and unique wedding invitations. We were very fortunate to attend a seminar conducted by Sarah Schwartz of Stationery Trends Magazine and I'm so excited to be able to share her predictions for what will be the hottest trends for weddings for 2012.

Earlier this year, we reported that Honeysuckle was named the Color of the Year for 2011 by Pantone, a leading authority on color. Honeysuckle, in all of its various fuchsia variations, will continue to be hot this year. This fun and bold color works with nautical designs and also pairs well with zebra prints.

The economic doldrums continue to bring orange and all of its various shades to the forefront of trendy style. When combined with fuchsia, you can't help but get an upbeat feeling of happiness and fun times.

Purple is predicted to enter the wedding market as a major color. Historically, the pigments used to create the color purple were very expensive to make. Therefore, purple is very posh and invokes a feeling of royalty. It pairs well with black and gray and gives a very modern, edgy feel.

Additionally, purple and gold combine to give a very regal impression. Floral designs in purple will also be popular for 2012.

We will see more use of silver and gold on wedding stationery. When combined with other color and design elements, everything gets kicked up a notch. One word of caution: overuse of metallics can create a look that is too flashy and ornate to be in vogue. So, use in moderation and reap the benefits.

Next week, we'll discuss design and style elements that we will be seeing much more of in the months to come.

By Jeanne Woodyard

Jeanne has worked in the printing industry for nearly 30 years and became the new owner of on January 1, 2012.
When not working with our customers, Jeanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, RVing with her husband and spoiling her two kitties.


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