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Sample Requests
Samples of most personalized stationery items are available for a nominal fee of $2 each. A shipping and handling fee of $1 will be added to each order.

Your sample fee, excluding shipping and handling, (maximum 5 samples of each Save The Dates, Invitations and/or Wedding Programs) will be credited to your future order.

You may order up to ten samples. Credit will be provided for a maximum of five samples of each type toward your future order of that type item (Save The Dates, Invitations & Programs). For example, if you order 3 Save The Date samples, you will be credited $6 on your future order of Save The Date Cards if requested during time of ordering.

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Please use the form below to make your sample request. Press the submit button to send your request. If you wish to pay by check or money order, print this page and mail it to:, Inc.
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