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Fabulous Fridays - Celebrating the end of the school/business week with thoughts on Graduation and Holidays

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Your Mid-Year Graduation Announcement Guide
Graduating mid-year? Don’t let your graduation get lost in the holiday hubbub. Instead, stand out with a unique graduation announcement from
By Abby Teunissen - 11/30/2016 (0 Comments)

Fun Class of 2016 Graduation Party Ideas
Graduating soon? Congratulations! Nothing makes graduation taste sweeter than a stellar graduation celebration to kick off the new graduate life. If you’re looking for some great ideas to spice up your event without breaking the bank, this post is a must-read.
By Abby Teunissen - 5/11/2016 (0 Comments)

Trendy Class of 2016 Graduation Announcements
When it comes to your future, there’s no messing around. We know that and we want to help you stay ahead of the curve with some stylish graduation invitations! Read this post to learn more about our newest and most popular graduation invitations for the class of 2016.
By Abby Teunissen - 4/11/2016 (0 Comments)

Anniversary Wishes
Not Sure what to say in an anniversary card? Whether you’re writing to your significant other, your parents, friends, or other acquaintances, it can be hard to find the words to express what you’re feeling. That’s why we’ve come up with some stellar ways to help you do just that.
By Abby Teunissen - 3/14/2016 (0 Comments)

Top Traits Employers Really Look For
Although every employer is looking for a specific set of skills that matches the requirements of an open position, skills related directly to the job are not the only things that make an applicant a worthy contender. Personality traits have actually been cited as just as if not more important than technical skills. Yeah, it can be as easy as that!
By Abby Teunissen - 8/19/2015 (0 Comments)

Graduation Invitations Basics
Graduations take place at different times of the year, all around the world. Although graduations (and graduates!) are all unique, similar etiquette rules apply to graduations here, there, and everywhere. Read this post to learn how you can ensure you treat your guests well and graduate with class --- graduation invitation included!
By Abby Teunissen - 6/5/2015 (0 Comments)

That Something Extra
Adding that special touch to make your celebration great is easier than you think!!
By Lynn Olejniczak - 5/11/2015 (0 Comments)

Show Your Unique Graduation Style
Gone are the days of the standard graduation announcement. It’s time to let individuality shine and do it in style!
By Abby Teunissen - 5/8/2015 (0 Comments)

Some ABC's About College Admission
Getting through college admission is hard, but this will back you breathe easier.
By Lynn Olejniczak - 5/1/2015 8:09:45 AM (0 Comments)

Unique Graduation Party Ideas
Just like graduates, graduation parties come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and settings. If you want to throw your graduate a party that is as unique as he or she is, it’s important to get the creative juices flowing --- and we want to help!
By Abby Teunissen - 4/12/2015 (0 Comments)

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